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Implementation Guidance Toolkit

As partners of the Better Plants program, industrial organizations pursuing energy efficiency have access to a multitude of tools, software, training, and guidance documents to help make their endeavors more streamlined and successful. While specific energy efficiency projects can vary between organizations and plants, there are fundamental guidelines and processes that can be applied to all projects. 

To better assist companies with organizing and implementing their energy efficiency projects, the Department of Energy has developed a set of essential tools and materials, collectively known as the Implementation Guidance Toolkit, to help guide their projects and communicate their successes. This toolkit, comprised of the documents below, provides corporate energy managers with the necessary tools to plan projects, track progress, and communicate their accomplishments once their projects have been completed. 



Join the Webinar

Learn about Better Plants partners’ fun and innovative systems for choosing and executing processes and engaging employees on energy efficiency and sustainability. This webinar will also explore the new Implementation Toolkit, which includes a variety of templates and tools for helping organizations implement new projects and processes.


Explore the Resources in the Toolkit

Regardless of which stage your energy efficiency project is in, the Department of Energy has assembled a kit of tools to help plan out, track, and communicate your projects. Explore the various tools and resources, below. 




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