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Getting Started With Energy Efficiency in Your Facility

With so much information about energy efficiency out there, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start making changes in your facility. Find quick references to the tools, resources, and guides here that will start your facility on its journey to improving energy performance and reducing energy costs.

Before exploring the documents below, we invite you to watch our webinar, Basics of Energy in which we discuss the basics of industrial energy and a systematic approach to improve plant efficiency. Learn about how to perform energy accounting, utility bill analysis, energy benchmarking, and energy assessments and the benefits of these activities. This webinar also covers important energy-related codes, diagnostic instruments, software tools, and technical resources for industrial energy efficiency.


Step 1: Understand the Basics

The following resources will help you familiarize yourself with energy efficiency at a facility level, walking you through the templates, tools, and best practices that will help you achieve your facility's energy goals.



Step 2: Gather Your Data Points

Reference our "Understanding Your Utility Bills" guidance series to help your company meet the Better Buildings, Better Plants Program's reporting requirements by learning about and analyzing your facility's electricity, natural gas, and water and sewer bills. Although these guides are intended primarily to assist companies participating in Better Plants, the methodologies and guidance within the document are applicable to any organization interested in understanding their utility bills. 


Step 3: Evaluate Your Progress

Accurately calculating your facility's baseline energy intensity is imperative for tracking future energy consumption progress. The following resources will help your company meet the Better Buildings, Better Plants Program's reporting requirements and help evaluate your facility's energy consumption improvement.


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