Expanded Savings Initiatives

Better Plants engages with partners that want to look beyond their facilities for opportunities to improve energy performance and reduce energy costs. The program has launched initiatives focused on improved supply chain-energy efficiency, water use reduction, and waste reduction. Also, water and wastewater treatment agencies are welcome to partner with Better Plants and leverage the program’s technical assistance to meet ambitious energy use reduction goals.

Supply Chain Initiative

Around 40-60% of a manufacturing company's energy and carbon footprint can reside upstream in its supply chain. Better Plants works with partners in its Supply Chain Initiative to encourage their suppliers to leverage program resources and collectively set, track, and meet energy savings goals.


Industrial Water Savings Network

Since transporting and treating water requires energy, saving water saves energy. Additionally, the efficient use of water can also lead to a more reliable water supply and improved water quality. Through the Water Savings Network, Better Plants partners set goals to save water (in addition to energy) and receive recognition and tailored technical support.


Waste Reduction Network

The Waste Reduction Network provides partners with help reducing waste, improving energy performance, and reducing operating costs. The Network provides a platform for industry leaders to demonstrate what is achievable in waste reduction while helping DOE understand real-world barriers, details, and successes, which can aid other organizations in developing or improving their own programs.


Water and Wastewater

Better Plants is proud to partner with water and wastewater treatment agencies—organizations that face high energy costs as a proportion of total operating costs. The program is working with this group of partners to improve their energy intensity through sector-specific resources and activities.


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