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Industrial Better Project and Better Practice Award Winners

One of the hallmarks of the Better Plants program is the recognition of partner achievements in innovation and energy management. While partner success is celebrated in a number of ways, the annual Better Practice and the Better Project Awards offer a unique opportunity for partners to share and recognize accomplishments in their facilities.

The Better Practice Award is presented to partners for innovative and industry-leading accomplishments in implementing and promoting practices, principles, and procedures of energy management. Whereas, the Better Project Award recognizes partners for outstanding accomplishments in implementing industrial energy, water, and waste projects at individual facilities. 

Winners of both the Better Practice and Better Project awards are recognized in-person at the annual Better Buildings, Better Plants Summit and are also given special speaking and promotional opportunities through the program. Regardless of award status, all award applications are promoted as case studies and recognized online through the Better Buildings website. To learn more about these awards, click here.

Congratulations to the Industrial Better Project and Better Practice winners, featured below!