Better Plants Challenge

The Better Plants Challenge, the industrial component of the Better Buildings Challenge, is a voluntary leadership initiative that aims to significantly advance energy efficiency in commercial and industrial buildings across the country. Similar to the Better Plants program, Challenge partners will join other industry and community leaders to create and share real solutions that reduce energy consumption, create jobs, and save money. The Challenge requires an additional commitment from partners to share their corporate data, solutions, and successes in the form of showcase projects and implementation models to help guide other industrial companies with implementing real-world energy solutions in their facilities. In return, partners gain enhanced recognition from the Department of Energy. 

Better Plants Challenge Partnership Agreement

Partners who join the Better Plants Challenge provide additional transparency around their market-leading strategies, actions, and results—to help other organizations replicate their success. 

Fill out the Partnership Agreement form below and contact us at to join the Better Plants Challenge. 

Better Plants Challenge Program Guide

The Better Plants team works with each Challenge partner to achieve energy milestones and provide ongoing check-ins. To date, over 40 leading industrial organizations have stepped up to the Better Buildings, Better Plants Challenge. 
This program guide provides details on Better Plants Challenge milestones as well as program tools and support.


Better Plants Challenge Energy and Water Goal Achievers

 The Challenge partners listed below have achieved their ambitious energy intensity reduction goals and committed to sharing their solutions and successes with others. Click on a partner profile to learn more about their business and energy savings strategies.