Better Buildings, Better Plants: Tools and Trainings




DOE eGuide: Implement an energy management system

Toolkit to implement an energy management system through an organized step by step process at three different levels:  Foundational, ISO50001 and Superior Energy Performance. 

Energy Performance Indicator: Use a regression analysis tool to track energy intensity

A regression analysis tool to help establish a normalized energy consumption baseline, track intensity improvement progress, energy savings, Superior Energy Performance (SEP) and EnPIs. 

Energy Footprint: Track energy consumption

Track energy consumption, factors related to energy use, and significant energy end-use. This tool has been developed to support manufacturing, industrial and commercial facilities that are using the DOE eGuide. 

Plant Energy Profiler: Identify how energy is being purchased and consumed

Helps manufacturing plant managers in the United States identify how energy is being purchased and consumed at their plant and identify potential energy and cost savings. 

Energy Intensity Baselining & Tracking Guidance: Develop an energy consumption and energy intensity baseline

Learn about the steps necessary to develop an energy consumption and energy intensity baseline and calculate changes over time. 

DOE Integrated Energy Tool Suite

DOE Advanced Manufacturing Office’s energy system and energy management software tools help manufacturers identify, model and quantify energy saving opportunities and implement energy management practices.