IAC Job Forum

IAC Job Forum

DOE's Industrial Assessment Center program is becoming a hot recruiting bed for employers who are looking for individuals with hands-on experience in energy efficiency. In comparison with their peers, IAC Alumni are hired almost as twice as fast into energy efficiency jobs, with skill mixes worth $6,210 more than their competitors.


From left to right: Ryan Schuessler, University of Dayton; Mark Johnson, AMO Director; Daniel Kelley, University of Dayton; Michael Ising, University of Dayton.

IAC Job Forum

IAC students graduate with the skills and abilities to conduct energy, waste, and productivity assessments; use instrumentation and diagnostic equipment, and work safely in an industrial environment.

Summer Internship

IAC Alumni graduate with an average of 8.9 specific applicable skills in energy efficiency. Helping them to gain these skills, the IAC forum lists outstanding internship opportunities students.

Industrial Assesment Center

Small- and medium-sized manufacturers may be eligible to receive a no-cost assessment provided by DOE IACs. IACs typically identify more than $130,000 in potential annual savings opportunities for each manufacturer assessed.