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About Better Plants

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Better Plants program is a voluntary partnership that aims to drive significant energy efficiency improvements across energy-intensive industrial companies and organizations. Driving energy savings can have a broad impact across the industrial sector, which leads to cost savings, greater resilience, a strengthened workforce, and increased global competitiveness

Better Plants works with leading U.S. manufacturers and wastewater treatment agencies to set energy, water, and waste reduction goals, and commit to reducing energy intensity by 25% over a 10-year period across all U.S. operations. In return, partners receive support in the form of technical assistance, tools, resources, and national recognition.


Explore the Program

There are many components of the Better Plants Program that partners can take advantage of while on their journey to achieving carbon reduction and energy, water, and waste efficiency. Explore the pages below to familiarize yourself with the components of the program, and understand how your organization can make the most of this voluntary partnership. 




Understand the Impact of Better Plants

To date, over 270 industrial organizations have joined Better Plants and pledged to reduce energy intensity across their facilities - and that number is continually growing. The industrial sector, alone, accounts for roughly one-third of the nation's energy consumption and presents a tremendous opportunity to uncover potential energy and cost savings that can be reinvested back into the workforce and domestic economy.

With over $9 Billion and 1.9 qBtus in savings to date from the collective achievements of Better Plants partners, the program continues to drive efficiency, resilience, and competitiveness across U.S. manufacturing and wastewater treatment facilities.

Check out the resources below to better understand the impact and achievements of the Better Plants Program and Challenge partners. 



Discover the Benefits of Joining

  • National Recognition to highlight partner leadership, including website and publication features, as well as invitations to special events
  • Technical Support to help partners set energy baselines, develop energy management plans, utilize resources, and find savings opportunities
  • In-Plant Trainings, led by experts in energy - intensive processes who train plant staff in various topics related to industrial energy management
  • Energy-Saving Resources such as energy management tools, guidance documents, no-cost energy management software, as well as free energy audits and CHP screenings from complementary programs
  • Peer Exchange opportunities that facilitate engagement with other industrial partners via annual events such as the Better Buildings, Better Plants Summit, webinars, and working groups for program initiatives
  • Additional Opportunities to save, such as targeting water, waste, and carbon goals, promoting energy efficiency within your supply chain, and exploring R&D opportunities through DOE's network of National Labs


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