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Better Plants Goal Achievers

It is well recognized that the tremendous accomplishments of the Better Plants partners are what make the program a success. When partners volunteer to join the Better Plants program, they make a company-wide commitment to reduce energy intensity by 25% over ten years across their organization. This is no simple feat, and as such the Better Plants Program recognizes the significant impact these achievements have on both company specific-and nationwide energy costs and expenditure. While all partners are working diligently towards meeting their energy and water goals, we would like to recognize the partners listed below who have already met their targets.

How were Better Plants Goal Achievers Successful? 

The Better Plants team recently developed a Goal Achiever guidance document, called Trailblazers and Goal Achievers: How Better Plants Partners Achieved Ambitious Energy Goals. This document explores the characteristics of the 56 Better Plants goal achievers to date, and provides insights from their efforts to achieve ambitious energy, water, and waste reduction goals. 

Click below to explore the ways in which Better Plants Goal Achievers achieved their targets, and to learn steps that your organization can take to make progress towards your own goals.