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Better Buildings toolkits are designed to help you take action. Each one contains guidance, resources, and proven best practices for overcoming common barriers to financing, technology implementation, data management, and more. Browse some of our most popular toolkits used by  partners or view the full list below.

Popular Toolkit - Expand access to Clean Energy in Low-Income Communities: CELICA Toolkit
Popular Toolkit - Learn how to establish and implement Energy Savings Performance Contracting: ESPC Toolkit
Popular Toolkit - Evaluate and assess high-performance street lighting technologies: Outdoor Lighting Toolkit
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Explore the newest toolkit from Better Buildings, created to help facility owners and managers take advantage of savings opportunities from high-efficiency interior lighting solutions.

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Energy Data Access: Blueprint for Action
Resources to help building owners and communities overcome a lack of access to energy data for benchmarking and highlights examples of effective partnerships between utilities, communities, and building owners.

Implement EMIS in Your Building Portfolio
An introduction to energy management information systems (EMIS); EMIS gives property owners and managers the ability to see their energy use and take action to reduce waste.


Commercial PACE for New Construction Toolkit
This toolkit provides resources and project case studies for building owners and developers that may want to take advantage of commercial PACE for new construction.

Commercial PACE Financing for Resiliency Toolkit
An overview for building owners, operators, and occupants that may want to take advantage of CPACE financing to improve resiliency in their facilities.

Efficiency-as-a-Service Toolkit
Resources and project case studies for owners, operators, and occupants that may want to take advantage of efficiency-as-a-service to improve energy and water performance in their facilities.

Green Revolving Funds
Guidance on overcoming a lack of dedicated capital for energy efficiency projects using a dedicated fund that is replenished by the cost savings generated by energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainability upgrades.


High-Efficiency Interior Lighting Toolkit
This toolkit collects resources from the Interior Lighting Campaign to help facility owners and managers take advantage of savings opportunities from high-efficiency interior lighting solutions.

High-Efficiency Parking Lighting Toolkit
The latest high-efficiency alternatives with energy-saving controls can save building owners over 40% on their parking lot lighting bills.

K-12 Lighting Toolkit
This toolkit covers a wide range of guidance, case studies, specifications, and more related to lighting technologies in K-12 schools.


Incorporate Solar PV on Your Commercial Buildings
These guides and case studies explore the benefits, barriers, and strategies to installing solar on leased buildings, including commercial real estate.

Use Solar Decision Guides to Assess or Implement a Successful On-Site Solar Project
Use these guides for commercial real estate, hospitality, and healthcare buildings to determine if investing in solar makes financial sense and identify the regions that offer the most promising returns on solar investment.


High-Efficiency RTU Replacement Toolkit
Resources to help HVAC contractors and service companies work with their customers through evaluating and managing their inventory of rooftop units (RTUs) and how to make the business case for high-efficiency replacement.

High-Efficiency RTUs in Leased Spaces
Example lease language, case studies, and other resources to help building owners and tenants effectively include high-efficiency RTUs in leases.

RTU Evaluation Methodology
Materials to guide building owners and facility managers through a step-by-step method of evaluating and managing their RTU inventory and identifying opportunities for replacements, retrofits, and quality maintenance practices.