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Explore the 2022 Better Buildings Progress Report

Each year, DOE releases an annual report with key findings, updates, and metrics from the Better Buildings Initiative. Explore the 2022 Progress Report to learn how DOE and partners are working towards a more energy-efficient future.

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Year over year, Better Buildings Challenge partners continue to raise the bar and save energy while cutting costs and the Financial Allies continue to drive investment in green energy technology. Visit page 3 of the Progress Report to see an overview of 2022, including key metrics!

Sector Spotlights

Individual sectors face unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to energy efficiency. Jump to Sector Spotlights within the Progress Report using the navigation boxes below.



Each Fall, Better Plants publishes its Progress Update. Over 250 companies are now partners in the Better Plants Program, part of DOE's Better Buildings Initiative. These companies represent more than 3,500 facilities across all 50 U.S. states and territories and, as partners, have adopted ambitious energy goals, as well as water and waste reduction.

Download the 2022 Better Plants Progress Update


Better Plants Spotlights

Industrial partners participate in unique partnerships and receive recognition for their progress. Jump to these examples from the Better Plants Progress Update using the navigation buttons below.


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Note: In 2016 Better Buildings combined the Challenge and Alliance into a single report.

Better Plants Progress Updates 

An annual Fall update focused on the industrial and manufacturing space.


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