The Year of Data Has Arrived: What multifamily partners can expect

By Better Buildings Challenge Multifamily Team on Sep 26, 2016

Better Buildings Challenge multifamily partners are looking ahead. With a few barriers knocked down for access to energy data, they now are turning attention to enhancing data delivery. Effective data delivery helps to guide future phases of research and development for new energy efficiency policies and programs.

The Year of Data is being hosted with support from HUD and DOE, and will run now and until the Better Buildings Summit in May 2017.  Twice-weekly virtual “office hours” will help pinpoint multifamily partners and their data needs.

This means that every Monday from 2-3:30pm ET and Thursday from 11am-12:30pm ET, appointments are available with data experts who can put their experience to work for multifamily partners. Partners can reach out to their Account Managers or to David Ruggiero at to schedule a time and date.

Through the Better Buildings Challenge, the Year of Data provides technical assistance and peer exchange for partners. Partners are unlocking data sets and using the information for utility data tracking, analysis, and reporting. This tailored technical assistance is specifically designed for multifamily sector partners so they can accelerate their use of portfolio-wide, building-level data to get a better picture of their buildings’ energy efficiency.

The Year of Data – what to expect:

  • Partners will successfully track energy savings progress in meeting 20 percent portfolio-wide energy reductions, and will publish Data Displays on the Better Buildings Solution Center.
  • Data will be input into Portfolio Manager; a special focus on Public Housing Authorities is planned.
  • Access to technical innovations in developing and implementing energy efficient practices in multifamily housing based on real projects and real data, with opportunities for national recognition.