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Wendy's Restaurant Sweeps up Energy Savings - One Franchisee at a Time

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Sep 06, 2016

Restaurants are compact spaces that are outfitted to bring food and people together. And when the approach to making food and hosting people leans toward energy efficiency, then you've got the Wendy's/Wendco Mobile, Alabama restaurant with savings of 37 percent or 50 percent per transaction.

Get a look at the tour of the upgrades made to the local restaurant in this photo round-up. You'll see Abigail Pringle, chief development officer for The Wendy’s Company, Roger Webb, president of Wendco Group, and Ivan Blackmon, director of facilities and construction for Wendco Group, as they show local officials and media all that Wendco Group has done to achieve tremendous energy reductions.

The Wendy's and Wendco teams show off energy upgrades at the Mobile, AL restaurant

Efficiency on the food preparation line with advanced ultra-efficient hoods and ventilation

Refrigeration and food storage

Interview with local media