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A Virtual Tour and New Better Buildings Challenge Goal for Iron Mountain Data Centers

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Mar 19, 2021
Iron Mountain Data Centers

In a live, virtual event, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recognized Better Buildings Challenge partner Iron Mountain Data Centers for its success in energy efficiency. Iron Mountain achieved its energy savings goal of 20% across its portfolio. Iron Mountain has now set a second goal of improving data center power usage efficiency (PUE) by 30% over a five-year period across three data centers – nearly 600,000 square feet. 

During the event, Iron Mountain shared its best practices through a virtual tour of the innovative energy efficiency technologies implemented at its data centers. The company’s Western Pennsylvania data center is a Better Buildings Showcase Project that achieves 34% annual energy savings. Located 200 feet underground in a former limestone mine, the facility uses a geothermal cooling system that harnesses a 35-acre water reservoir for cooling to reduce energy consumption. The site also works with customers on in-rack best practices and employs several air management solutions to improve energy efficiency.


At Iron Mountain’s Manassas, VA data center, artificial intelligence software is used to assess all building control systems and identify energy savings opportunities. Another critical piece to the puzzle is the utilization of blanking panels, cold/hot aisle containment, floor blanking, perforated tile air direction, and custom ducting to optimize air management. 

At its Kansas City facility, Iron Mountain has implemented similar air management best practices. LED lighting is used throughout the site and building system fan speeds are optimized to reduce energy consumption. 

Today, all of Iron Mountain’s data centers operate on 100% renewable energy. The organization also achieved the first simultaneous, enterprise-wide ISO 50001 Energy Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management certifications in the industry. Iron Mountain has also initiated steps to increase its waste diversion and align with net-zero waste strategies through the Better Buildings Waste Reduction Pilot.


Iron Mountain’s ongoing implementation of cutting-edge energy-efficient strategies and technologies and its commitment to a second Challenge goal position the organization as a leader in energy efficiency and demonstrate the pillars of Better Buildings.

Learn more about Iron Mountain’s commitment to energy here and take a look at a video put together for the event below. Watch the full event recording here and access the slides here.