Upgrades to Havertys Virginia Beach Showroom Add Up to 44% Energy Savings

Havertys Better Buildings Challenge showcase project is a Virginia Beach showroom, originally built in September 1995. The showroom was in desperate need of an energy retrofit – but without compromising the integrity of the showroom. Following LED lighting retrofits, Havertys has found that HVAC accounts for the majority of its energy use.

The building's existing black EPDM roof was replaced with a more efficient White TPO roof, and existing incandescent sales floor lighting was replaced with LED spot lighting. The existing HVAC system was also replaced with high efficiency units. In April and May of 2014, a new Energy Management System was installed to better control both the lighting and HVAC equipment.

Annual energy and cost savings of 44% were realized as a result of energy improvement completed at Havertys Virginia Beach Showroom.

See more at: https://www4.eere.energy.gov/challenge/beat/upgrades-havertys-virginia-b...