Updates from Home Energy Score Make it Easier to Know Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Home Energy Scoring Tool Updated to Include New Technologies

This February, Home Energy Score released the latest version of the Home Energy Scoring Tool - the software that calculates the Score and generates Home Energy Score reports – with new options to input an expanded array of home energy features. The released features including solar PV, evaporative coolers, and mini-splits can now be reflected in the calculation of the Home Energy Score. For more information, watch the webinar from December 13th describing the changes to the Scoring Tool.

Simulation Training Streamlined to Improve User Experience

We heard your feedback!  An updated version of the Home Energy Score Simulation Training and Test (Sim) is now available.  This web-based platform allows everyone interested in offering the Home Energy Score to practice standardized data collection and to test their knowledge of the Score. The new Sim Training is more user-friendly: access tools with a single click and run the training on a greater variety of browsers. Watch the demonstration of the new tool that was held January 26th for more information.

New: Find an Assessor in Your Area

When you visit the Home Energy Score website, you can search for a Home Energy Score Assessor using the new “Find an Assessor” tool. Simply type in your zip code to locate Assessors in your area. This opt-in database shows information provided by the Assessors and their partnering organizations. Try out the tool on our website and reach out to homeenergyscore@ee.doe.gov to get your information included!

Get the Resources You Need on the Home Energy Score Website

Our website now features many tools for anyone to download:

  • Building Science Calculator

    This resource makes it simple to de-rate insulation and HVAC equipment efficiencies,  find average R-values, average ceiling heights, and calculate ceiling and floor areas. By clicking the link, the resource will download directly onto your computer. You must have Excel macros enabled for it to function correctly.

  • Energy Efficiency for Real Estate Professionals PowerPoint

    This tool can be used to describe the value of energy efficiency to real estate professionals in your area. It is customizable but for an editable version, reach out to Madeline.Salzman@ee.doe.gov.

  • New Marketing Materials

    The Resources page on the Home Energy Score website has a myriad of materials available for download. These resources are arranged by audience, and include materials for homeowners, Assessors, Partners, real estate professionals, and marketers. Can’t find what you are looking for? Let us know what you need by emailing homeenergyscore@ee.doe.gov.