UMMC Hosts Energy-to-Care Treasure Hunt with ASHE and DOE

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Jul 26, 2019

On July 17 and 18, 2019, the American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE), a Better Buildings Alliance Affiliate, led an Energy Treasure Hunt with the help of DOE at the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC). To help to share its energy-savings knowledge and experience with others, UMMC staff along with health care facilities professionals nationwide took part in this 2-day quest to discover energy-saving technologies and opportunities throughout the UMMC facilities.

Since 2012, UMMC has improved energy efficiency throughout its 2-million-square-foot urban academic medical facilities, with initiatives including daylight-harvesting sensors, LED light upgrades, a heat recovery chiller, and other efficiency systems upgrades. Treasure hunt attendees had the opportunity to see these efficient features at UMMC as they explored UMMC’s mechanical room, roof, lab offices, operating rooms, and other key locations.

Throughout the treasure hunt, DOE, ASHE, and UMMC representatives explained the process for identifying energy-saving opportunities and best practices, how to estimate annual savings associated with energy efficiency, and more. Staff also shared how participants can develop their own Energy Treasure Hunts and integrate them into their energy management programs. At the end of the treasure hunt, participants presented their findings and recommendations to UMMC leadership.

As a DOE Better Buildings Challenge partner, UMMC is an industry leader in energy efficiency and has committed to a 20% reduction in energy-use intensity by 2022. In partnering with ASHE, UMMC has demonstrated commitment to continuous improvement for energy savings. Since its rollout, ASHE’s Energy to Care Treasure Hunt has helped hospitals find hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy savings.

Read more about UMMC’s commitment to energy efficiency in the on the Solution Center, and check out pictures from Treasure Hunt below. From left to right:

  1. Discharge of exhaust fans on the top of the UMMC’s Weinberg Building.
  2. UMMC’s Richie Stever and Mohammad Jamal checking the temperature of the steam water heater’s traps to ensure that they are working properly. 
  3. Energy treasure hunters testing the temperature of the isolation room exhaust system for leaks. 
  4. UMMC’s pneumatic tube interchange room, which moves blood products, lab samples and medicines from one place to another in the hospital. There is 6.5 miles of pipe inside the building.
  5. Energy treasure hunters reviewing the building automation system for energy savings opportunities.