From The Tower Companies' Garage Dimmers to PNC's Living Green Wall

PNC Place and The Tower Companies Millennium Building are multi-tenanted buildings in the often variable climate of the Potomac swamps, and have gone beyond a traditional “low-hanging fruit” approach to achieving energy efficiency. For starters, PNC Place, the regional HQ of PNC bank, features a 3-story water installation in the lobby – and a living wall – that regulates air temperature, by radiantly cooling the lobby with flowing water. The 365,000 square foot office property was built in 2010 and is certified LEED® Platinum.

Over at the Millennium Building, the energy savings first appear in the garage; owner The Tower Companies installed electric vehicle charging stations and an innovative LED lighting system that is zoned to allow unused sections of the parking garage to dim light levels by 70 percent until an occupancy sensor activates to provide light to visitors. The Tower Companies have implemented energy equipment upgrades to the 240,000 square foot space resulting in 20 percent energy savings and utility cost savings of over $200,000.

Roof space also helps these companies achieve even more savings. Take the rooftop solar installation at the Millennium Building or the 15,500 square foot eco-garden on the roof of PNC Place. The eco-garden covers half the roof, and uses vegetation to reduce storm water runoff.

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