Top-10 Solutions in October

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Nov 02, 2015

October's Top 10 solutions are featured below. These are the partner solutions most viewed by users of the Better Buildings Solution Center in the month of October. Please let us know if you have ideas or feedback so we can continue to add resources to help meet your goals to improve the energy use of your buildings.


 1. General Mills: Cedar Rapids Heat Recovery

General Mills' Cedar Rapids, Iowa, plant is its largest production facility, producing over 70 million cases of ready–to–eat food annually, including cereals, fruit snacks, and frosting. Built in 1968, the facility has a successful history of energy reduction, the product of General Mills' five–step process that benchmarks, identifies, develops, executes, and then validates energy reduction projects. In four years, the plant has achieved energy savings of 13 percent, and is currently implementing a comprehensive, $1.5 million heat recovery project that will reduce the plant's energy intensity by an additional 5 percent.

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General Mills: Cedar Rapids Heat Recovery

2. Better Buildings Outdoor Lighting Decision Tree Tool

Municipalities, states, and other public and federal agencies are continuously looking for new opportunities to decrease spending on utility bills, improve safety and services, and protect the environment. High–performance outdoor lighting technologies are proving to be a cost–effective energy savings measure, often offering 50 percent or more savings relative to previously installed systems while lasting longer and offering tremendous maintenance and operational benefits. The cost of these technologies can be further reduced for deployment in local communities through collaboration, including volume or bulk purchasing, and customized utility incentives and tariffs.

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3. Placer County: Granlibakeen Conference Center and Resort

Placer County's Granlibakken Conference Center & Resort is located less than one mile from beautiful Lake Tahoe in the heart of the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains. The project achieved 42 percent energy savings for $43,000 by focusing on energy efficiency improvements to the conference center and restaurant. Upgrades were financed by mPOWER Placer through the Placer County Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program.

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Placer County: Granlibakeen Conference Center and Resort

4. City of Milwaukee: Property Assessed Clean Energy PACE Program

In order to facilitate energy efficiency improvements of commercial and industrial buildings in its jurisdiction, the City of Milwaukee implemented a property assessed clean energy (PACE) program which allows building owners to repay loans for clean energy improvements over time through a special assessment on their property tax bill attached to the property, not the owner. If the owner sells the property before the end of the loan term, the new owner inherits the loan along with the energy improvements, which reduces the risk of financing to building owners. This financing option removes barriers of access to capital and split incentives when property ownership term is shorter than project payback by availing additional financing options to building owners.

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City of Milwaukee: Property Assessed Clean Energy PACE Program

5. MGM: Energy Efficiency Education Mobile App

MGM Resort International recognized the opportunity to drive sustainable behavioral change throughout their employee base so they developed an app called MY Green Advantage that employees can access on their smartphones to track energy saving actions. MGM surpassed its goal for staff to complete 250,000 energy actions reaching over 700,000 actions in less than a year. MGM properties exceeded the 15% participation goal and 20% of employees across the company (over 12,000 workers) have used the MY Green Advantage.

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6. J.R. Simplot: New Potato Processing Plant

J.R. Simplot's showcase project is a new, 420,000 square foot, state–of–the–art potato processing plant that will integrate innovative energy–efficient technologies to achieve dramatic energy efficiency improvements of up to 25% while producing hundreds of millions of pounds of frozen potato products per year. Once built, the plant is expected to save the company millions of dollars and contribute to its goal of reducing energy intensity by 25% over 10 years.

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J.R. Simplot: New Potato Processing Plant

7. Hilton: Columbus Downtown

The Hilton Columbus Downtown, located in the heart of the city near Ohio State University contains 32,000 square feet of event space, a 160–seat full–service restaurant and bar, a fitness center, and an indoor pool and whirlpool. The property features a number of energy conservation measures including efficient lighting, a building automation system, and variable frequency drives. As a result, Hilton Worldwide saved 32% in annual energy consumption and $387,000 in annual energy costs versus ASHRAE 90.1 200.

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Hilton Columbus Downtown

8. GE: Operations Management Leadership Program

GE is strategically reducing energy consumption throughout its manufacturing operations and supply chain through its Operations Management Leadership Program (OMLP). By design, the program accelerates the deployment of newly hired engineers that are trained in GE's energy and environmental management program and equipped with the necessary functional and leadership skills needed to help meet the company's near– and long–term operational challenges.

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GE: Operations Management Leadership Program

9. City of Philadelphia: Public Safety Services Campus and Central Utility Plant

The Public Safety Services Campus (PSSC) rehabilitation project is being designed to meet LEED® Silver standards with savings of 47 percent or $575,000 dollars annually. The existing complex of buildings assembled at 4601 Market Street in West Philadelphia will be renovated into a state–of–the–art campus of buildings. The project will be an adaptive reuse of existing administration buildings for the co–location of 1) Police Headquarters; 2) The Medical Examiner's Office and Morgue; and 3) the Department of Public Health Laboratories.

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10. Citi: Riverdale Data Center Energy Services Agreement

Citi wanted to implement a pilot project to deliver efficient electricity and cooling in one of their UK data centers. A Combined Chilling/Heating and Power (CHP) system will be installed together with energy efficient cooling units and efficiency improvements to the building's air conditioning system.

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