Thurs. May 28 Wrap-Up

By Better Buildings Beat Team on May 28, 2015

We hope you had a great second day at the Better Buildings Summit, we’ve heard so many great anecdotes of people making connections and learning from our sessions. Here’s a rundown of the day’s events, just in case you missed anything:

  • We opened the day with a keynote from Lynn Orr, undersecretary for science and energy at DOE and David Danielson, who leads the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy at DOE. Undersecretary Orr announced the launch of Better Buildings’ new Residential Accelerators, and Danielson recognized the Better Buildings Challenge goal achievers and financial allies on stage.
  • Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter spoke from the heart about his bold goal to make Philadelphia the greenest city in America, and drove home the point that when city governments save money by saving energy, those are dollars that can go back to serving the city's citizens.
  • Maria Vargas unveiled a new initiative coming this fall from Better Buildings with this fun video:


One energy team from Whole Foods, one energy team from Staples. Swapped. Are you excited?

  • Then it was time to hear from the media, Jonathan Fahey of Associated Press, Matthew Philips of Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Scott Tong at Marketplace. The audience got to hear straight from them, what makes a good story and what energy topics and trends are piquing their interest right now.
  • During lunch we heard from a number of partners who are going “Bigger, Faster, Stronger” with their energy efficiency successes. And, we heard from all of you on Twitter with our Twitter Town Hall. Thanks to all of you joined the virtual room on Twitter.
  • We heard from many of you that there were so many good sessions, it was hard to choose from. Here are just some of the great sessions that happened throughout the day:
    • Getting to the savings you want: Strategies for ensuring real energy savings in  new construction and existing building retrofits, with Chris Lohman, Energi, Paul Torcellini, National Renewable Energy Lab and Corey Zarecki, Gunderson Health System
    • Savings Bonanza: Industrial energy efficiency programs that work, with Greg Baker of Efficiency Vermont, Jason Kruptt of Tennessee Valley Authority, Rick Pettibone and Gregory Walthers of Franklin Energy
    • Zero Energy Buildings: Defining them and building them, with Chad Harrell, Lend Lease, Yuri Millo of Better Place International and Jason Robbins of Walgreens
    • Using technology to engage tenants and save energy, with Jackie Dadakis, Green Coast, Lloyd Kass of New York Power Authority and Jeff Wrigley of University of Utah. Kevin Bush of HUD moderating.

Next we had a Better Plants recognition ceremony and poster session, and we'll round things out with more networking (everyone’s favorite) to round up the evening.

If today’s your last day at the Summit, we hope you truly enjoyed yourselves; we appreciate you taking the time. If you’re staying on until tomorrow, please stay tuned to the Better Buildings Beat blog for more updates!