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There's an App for That: Arby's Develops a Process (and an App!) for Inventory & Management of Aging Rooftop Units

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Oct 12, 2017

When you have a portfolio of over 900 quick-service restaurants across the country, how do you keep track of, manage, and maintain all of your HVAC equipment? Frank Inoa and his team at Arby’s were able to find a 21st century solution to that … an app!

Starting in 2015, Arby’s developed a comprehensive rooftop unit (RTU) assessment approach: each RTU was inventoried in person and scored based on equipment performance. The poorest-rated (most vulnerable for emergency failure) RTUs were prioritized for replacement with high-efficiency RTUs. With one consistent app across all stores and contractors, Arby’s had a single place of record to store its entire RTU inventory and information. By the end of the second year, Arby’s installed 488 new RTUs and saved $287,000 annually. Find out more details about the inventory-through-replacement process in the case study here.

What an endeavor! The Advanced RTU Campaign recognized Arby’s for developing and implementing such an innovative RTU management approach. The Advanced RTU Campaign is a national initiative to promote high-efficiency RTUs in commercial buildings via high-efficiency replacements, advanced control retrofits, and quality maintenance/installation practices. See how this process can align with your own and check out the Campaign’s RTU Evaluation Methodology, which recommends a similar streamlined process for thorough RTU efficiency from initial inventory through procurement and evaluation. 

If you’re interested in learning more about RTU efficiency for your own buildings, join the Advanced RTU Campaign as a Participant! By joining, building owners and operators gain technical support from RTU experts at the national laboratories, recognition for leadership in RTU efficiency, and access to case studies and guidance documents to support your organization’s RTU activities.