Suncoast Credit Union - Live Zero Energy Building Video Feed

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Aug 01, 2016

It's not always expected that a renewable energy system can take a building from zero to sub-zero in a single year. But that's exactly what happened when Suncoast Credit Union decided to build its Bushnell Service Center, a unique zero-energy building that integrates renewable energy with high efficiency technologies.

Dig into the zero energy measures completed already and featured in Suncoast's latest showcase project on the Better Buildings Solution Center. Or keep your eyes peeled to this live video feed of its newest zero energy project, a two-stor member service cetner and training facility in Fort Meyers, FL.

The highlights:

  • An energy management system (EMS) controls three groundwater source heat pumps which utilize ECM supply fan motors for a more energy and cost-efficient operating system.
  • The ATM and Data rooms are cooled by mini split air conditioning systems, saving energy when the main service center is not in operation
  • Building insulation of the exterior masonry walls and attic provide thermal and acoustic comfort.
  • The building’s exterior glass is tinted with low-emissivity coatings to optimize the amount of solar heat passing through, while maintaining visibility.
  • High efficiency LED bulbs illuminate the interior lobby and teller lines, as well as the ATM and drive thru windows. Coupled with the color luminaires in the parking lot, the branch achieved savings of up to 75% from upgrading their lighting system, compared to standard metal halide lamps

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