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Shorenstein Recognized in San Francisco for Energy Efficiency Advancements

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Apr 15, 2019
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On April 15, DOE recognized Shorenstein Properties LLC, a Better Buildings Challenge partner, for its commitment to energy efficiency and toured a large project recently completed in San Francisco.

Shorenstein has implemented numerous energy efficiency upgrades at its Market Square property in San Francisco, which consists of two buildings: 1335 Market Street and 1 Tenth Street. Improvements made at Market Square include new and renovated mechanical and electrical systems, modernization of existing elevators and upgrades to the existing HVAC systems.

DOE’s Maria Vargas, toured the Market Square property to learn about its energy-efficient features. The original building (1335 Market) is an Art Deco icon, formerly known as the Western Furniture Exchange and Merchandise Mart. In 2014, Shorenstein completed an extensive renovation to reposition the property into first-class creative office space with supporting retail. The redevelopment offered modern and state-of-the-art conveniences, while still maintaining the classic architecture of the buildings. As a result of its the HVAC and additional LED lighting upgrades, Market Square achieved 40% energy savings compared to a 2017 baseline.

Shorenstein met its goal to reduce its portfolio-wide building energy intensity by 20% in 2017. Shorenstein recently set a new goal of 40% energy reduction by 2025 from its 2018 levels.

Read more about the energy efficiency solutions employed at Market Square in the Shorenstein Market Square Solution at a Glance. Plus, check out pictures from the tour below. From left to right:

1. Reclaimed wood in the lobby, which includes 6,000 square feet of reclaimed wooden beams and 85 reclaimed marble panels.

2. Upgraded energy efficient LED lighting in the building, a key sustainability feature at Market Square.

3. Maria Vargas, DOE Better Buildings Challenge Director, and attendees look at the upgrades of the HVAC system, including the retrofit of the building's chiller.

4. Group photo of Shorenstein team, including Bill Whitfield, General Manager and Sustainability Program Manager, Shorenstein, and Maria Vargas, Director, DOE Better Buildings Challenge.

5. A closeup of the upgraded Bay Breeze chiller, which has helped reduce noise output and increase efficiency.