Schneider Electric Reaches Better Buildings, Better Plants Challenge Goal, Improving Efficiency Across 32 Facilities

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Jun 15, 2017

On May 16, the Department of Energy recognized Schneider Electric for its goal achievement in the Better Buildings, Better Plants Challenge, meeting its goal of 26 percent energy savings over the course of nine years.

Schneider Electric is the global specialist in energy management, offering integrated solutions across multiple market segments, including leadership positions in energy and infrastructure, industrial processes, building automation, and data centers/networks, as well as a broad presence in residential applications. Focused on making energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green, the company's 110,000 plus employees have an active commitment to help individuals and organizations, "Make the most of their energy," helping the organization as a whole meet its lofty Better Buildings Challenge goal.

Schneider Electric also has a long history of understanding customer needs and bringing market innovation to meet these needs, in part, by developing programs that help promote collaboration between academia, government and the business community in providing needed energy management education, including a free, on-line, vendor-neutral education tool called Energy University.

As a Better Buildings Better Plants Challenge Partner, Schneider Electric reduced the energy intensity of 9 million square feet of building space, covering 32 different plants, by 26 percent. The company's showcase project includes pursuing Superior Energy Performance certification at its Smyrna, TN, plant site that includes a recently installed 1,000 kilowatt dual voltage solar farm. This solar farm is the first dual voltage solar farm in the U.S. with the ability to operate at both 1000VDC and 600VDC, providing an opportunity for more efficient solar farm operation and giving us a real-time learning lab to research and test our renewable energy solutions.

Schneider Electric developed a robust methodology for measuring energy use at its facilities in support of its corporate-wide energy savings targets. The methodology relies on a predictive modeling technique that adjusts baseline energy use to control for factors that impact energy consumption such as production and weather changes. As a result, Schneider is able to develop more accurate metrics to track progress against its goals. To date, the company estimates cumulative energy savings exceeding 30% throughout North America against a 2004 baseline for the sites in the program. Under DOE’s Better Plants Challenge, Schneider has achieved a 26 percent improvement from a 2008 baseline.

Through tried-and-true methods, Schneider Electric has set the stage for other Better Buildings, Better Plants partners to achieve their goals. To learn more, please visit the Better Buildings Solutions Center.