Resources for Multifamily Properties: Navigating Efficiency Policies and Incentives

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Oct 09, 2019

Many Better Buildings partners across the country benefit from state and local support to achieve their efficiency goals. Governments, commissions, and businesses offer technical assistance and funding to increase energy efficiency through two primary tools: regulatory policies and financial incentives.

For multifamily housing providers, navigating the patchwork of policies and incentives can be challenging. Regulatory policies differ across cities and states and often require energy usage data, which can be difficult to collect from utilities depending on local data-sharing laws. While financial incentives can help make efficiency upgrades possible, identifying and pursuing them can be a major hurdle as well.

However, successfully leveraging these policies and incentives can lead to reduced operations costs, elimination of energy and water waste, improved tenant health, and energy independence. Explore the resources below to understand the policies and incentives in your area:

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