Reducing Energy Use and Improving Guest Experience at the Vanderbilt Hotel

By Alison Berry, JDM Associates on Apr 27, 2017

Guests at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel will be able to sleep easier thanks to extensive energy efficiency upgrades behind the scenes. The hotel, located across the street from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, completed a retrofit of outdated facility equipment, including chillers, condenser pumps, roofing, and lighting. The project achieved a 22 percent reduction in energy use, and saves Loews $328,250 annually!

Some of the particularly high-value upgrades included:

  • Replacing 2,000 square feet of roofing over the ballroom, which improved the hotel’s overall R-value (a measure of how well a building is insulated) by 20 percent;
  • Replacing outdated 750-ton centrifugal chillers with re-sized, highly efficient Trane 500-ton chillers;
  • Installing new hoist motors on seven passenger elevators, which reduced the energy consumption of each elevator by over 20 percent; and
  • Installing a new domestic water triplex pump system with variable frequency drives to improve delivery of hot and cold water to the guestrooms, kitchen, and laundry facilities.

And the team at the Loews Vanderbilt isn’t done! This year the hotel engineering team plans to install a new centralized thermostat control system that will improve temperature management for hotel guests.

The improvements at the Loews Vanderbilt have lowered their energy consumption and improved operations, but they’re seeing benefits in other ways too: the Loews Vanderbilt saw their TripAdvisor GreenLeaders score jump up to Bronze level, and the hotel’s ENERGY STAR score rose from 45 to 68. Loews’ efforts show that energy efficiency is an essential part of the hotel guest experience – even if the guest doesn’t realize it!

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