Pushing the Envelope: Better Buildings Partners are Invited to Join the Alliance Building Envelope Technology Solutions Team

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Jan 18, 2017

When we think of building technologies and energy efficiency, we usually jump to things like lighting, HVAC, and building automation systems. However, the first system of a building that plays a role in its efficiency and performance is the envelope. The building envelope – walls, windows, roofs, and foundation – is the primary physical barrier for heat and cold between the interior and the outside environment. Building envelope technologies account for approximately 36 percent of the primary energy consumed in commercial buildings. Given this opportunity, the Better Buildings Alliance created a Building Envelope Technology Solutions Team to bring partners together to explore best practices and develop actionable resources for building envelope improvement projects.

The Building Envelope Tech Team collaborates with national experts to deploy high performance envelope design solutions for load reduction for heating and cooling, and to facilitate the construction of envelope technologies that are durable and high-performing. There are three focus areas for the team: windows, walls, and roofs. This year, will focus on development of technology performance specifications, decision analysis tools, and demonstration opportunities. Among the most popular resources already available are a toolkit of wall webinars, and strategies for windows.

You can learn more about the Building Envelope Tech Team here, and you can also watch the Open House Kick-Off webinar. If you or your organization is interested in getting involved with the Envelope Team, please reach out to the Technology Solutions Team lead, Melissa Lapsa.