New Green Lease Guide from BOMA and Updates for Green Lease Leaders

By Better Buildings Beat Team on May 07, 2018

Exciting news in the green leasing field!

BOMA International has released its new Green Lease Guide, tailored towards helping owners and tenants reduce their impact by incorporating specific sustainability attributes.

Green Lease Guide: A Guide for Landlords and Tenants to Collaborate on Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Practices is useful for any property professionals hoping to “green” their commercial lease in a way that both achieves and maintains sustainable building operations. All aspects of a standard lease agreement are covered, including models for prime lease agreements, guaranty of lease, and form subleases.

The guide also incorporates best practice guidance from DOE’s Better Buildings and the Institute for Market Transformation the organizations behind Green Lease Leaders. The 2018 Green Lease Leaders will be recognized this June at the BOMA International Annual Conference and Expo in San Antonio.

For more information on Green Lease Leaders, contact us here.