Mini Energy Blitz at Charter Steel's Saukville Plant in Wisconsin

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Aug 11, 2016

Charter Steel's Saukville plant is home to its corporate offices as well as a fully integrated mill that includes a melt shop, state-of-the-art rolling mill and a processing facility. The Wisconsin plant recently decided to carry out a mini energy blitz (modelled after treasure hunts) to uncover energy efficiency opportunities and broaden employee engagement in the plant’s energy management model.

Working with a cross-functional team of employees and stakeholders, Tari Emerson of Charter Steel (Division Internal Energy Manager) spent two days evaluating the melting plant for energy efficiency opportunities. Applying strategies learned during a process heat training hosted by the Better Plants team, the Charter Steel team divided into 5 groups that each evaluated different areas of the plant from the maintenance shop and office spaces and utilities to process equipment. Previous energy efficiency achievements were reviewed and interviews were conducted with employees throughout the plant.

The energy efficiency projects identified during the mini energy blitz include:

  • Improvements in lighting
  • Compressed air leaks
  • Mechanical insulation evaluations
  • Replacement of old heaters
  • Addition of procedures for shutting down equipment on down days

Through the mini energy blitz, the plant has improved the level of energy efficiency awareness and also gathered some good ideas for energy savings with the plant personnel. They may have more opportunities in the future to conduct an energy blitz for the night shift, other groups like maintenance and also other locations.

Contact the Better Plants team for more information on conducting your very own mini energy blitz.