Mayor Andy Berke Unveils City of Chattanooga's Better Buildings Challenge Showcase Project

Better Buildings Challenge Partner Chattanooga, Tennessee, announced its first showcase project, the Chattanooga Public Library. In the heart of downtown Chattanooga’s Innovation District, this unique 4-story, 12,000-square-foot space will undergo three phases of energy efficiency revitalization through lighting, HVAC, and digital control upgrades.

Mayor Andy Berke was pleased to highlight the city’s dedication to lead by example and demonstrate its commitment to a sustainable community at the city’s Better Buildings Challenge press event on December 15. During the event, Mayor Berke said, “The Public Library is a place where people from all walks of life come to learn and to work towards a brighter future for themselves and their families. It seems appropriate then that this building will act as a demonstration of our shared sustainability efforts and values -- a place where organizations can come to learn and work towards a brighter future for our city.”  

The planned energy conservation measures are projected to lower the Library’s energy consumption by 41 percent and save over $60,000 in annual energy costs. As an institution that serves all socio-economic sectors, it made sense for the city to select the Library as a model to educate the community about the value of conserving energy and the dollar savings that come with it.

In addition to the city’s municipal buildings, Chattanooga continues to engage the community at-large to encourage participation in the city’s Better Buildings Challenge commitment to reduce energy consumption by 20 percent by 2025. The Library is an especially unique showcase project because its success depends on community relationships. Key partners in the development of the project, Electric Power Board of Chattanooga and the Tennessee Valley Authority, reaffirmed the value in choosing the Library as a showcase, hoping it will lead to increased participation in the Better Buildings Challenge and overall improved energy use across the community. 

Beginning the first week of 2017, crews will start removing 810 fluorescent bulbs spanning 405 rows of lights and three floors of the Library. They will be replaced with 36 energy efficient LED lights per floor.

Be sure to learn more about the Chattanooga Pubic Library (pictured on the left) and keep up with their progress on the Better Buildings Solution Center.