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Mayo Clinic Reaches Energy Savings Goal Ahead of Schedule

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Sep 24, 2019

Upon joining the Better Buildings Alliance in 2011, Mayo Clinic committed to improving the energy productivity of its Rochester, Minnesota campus by 20% by the end of 2020. Mayo Clinic reached this goal two years early, and this year received Practice Greenhealth’s Emerald Award and Greening the OR Recognition for their achievement. Mayo Clinic has also been named best hospital in the U.S. by U.S. News and World Report for the fourth year in a row.

Mayo Clinic’s Rochester campus was able to achieve its energy savings goal ahead of schedule by integrating energy efficiency into new construction projects, renovations to existing facilities, and utility and equipment upgrades.

The 14 million-square-foot integrated medical center optimized the heating, cooling, and airflow systems throughout buildings campus-wide, and underwent LED lighting and fume hood retrofits, duct system leak repairs, and computer and monitor upgrades. These efficiency improvements resulted in $4 million in yearly cost savings for the hospital. Mayo Clinic has since set a new goal of 10% additional energy reduction in Rochester by 2025.

The successful energy savings at Mayo Clinic’s Rochester campus have led to the continued support from company leadership to implement energy saving projects and an organization-wide energy policy.

The Better Buildings Alliance connects leaders from the commercial building industry together to share and deploy innovative, cost-effective, energy-saving solutions for greater adoption of advanced technologies, more profitable businesses, and better buildings.

Learn more about the Alliance and Mayo Clinic’s impressive energy efficiency leadership here.