March Top Partner Solutions

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Mar 05, 2023

This month’s Top Partner Solutions feature real-world examples of partners’ successful renewable energy implementations, employee engagement strategies, energy retrofits, and more! Read on to learn about these organizations’ efficiency and decarbonization solutions across diverse sectors.

Slipstream's "Maximize Your Facility" Videos Offer HVAC Tips and Tricks

To address building operators’ need for proactive solutions to common commercial building equipment opportunities and problems, Slipstream developed the “Maximize Your Facility” video series. This free, quick resource shares strategies and solutions for preventative maintenance, along with tips to save energy and improve equipment lift. Read more.


Mercy Housing’s Arden Aire Apartments Energy Retrofit

After acquiring a low-rise property consisting of 53 affordable housing units, Mercy Housing implemented a comprehensive energy efficiency and water conservation retrofit. The project ultimately helped Mercy Housing reduce common-area energy consumption by nearly 70% and achieve 21% annual energy use reduction. Read more.


UW Health's Retro-Commissioning Project Curbs Energy Intensity at University Hospital

Building on a successful retro-commissioning project at its largest outpatient clinic, UW Health saw an opportunity to improve energy intensity at its University Hospital. Working with a third-party engineering firm, UW Health performed a retro-commissioning study to identify energy savings opportunities, including HVAC optimization and daylighting strategy, to achieve more than $2 million in energy cost savings and 27% energy savings annually. Read more.


Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Comprehensive Energy Project

By combining funding from a variety of sources, Commonwealth of Massachusetts was able to implement an array of energy efficiency upgrades and renewable energy installations at its Wrentham Development Center and Hogan Regional Center to achieve a 41% reduction in energy use, and annual energy cost savings of more than $2.5 million. Read more.


UC Irvine Harnesses Laboratory Energy Use Through Smart Lab Program

Laboratories consume approximately two-thirds of total campus energy – but face restrictive retrofit requirements. To overcome this barrier, UC Irvine developed an integrated “Smart Lab” program to improve lab energy efficiency through an array of control and sensor technologies, enabling laboratories to achieve up to 60% energy savings. Read more.


Decarbonization with Heat Pump Water Heaters at Columbia Association’s Kendall Ridge Pool

Motivated to eliminate a source of on-site fossil fuel combustion and utilize a high-efficiency heat pump technology at its Kendall Ridge community pool, nonprofit community services corporation Columbia Association replaced a 65-gallon propane water heater with two 50-gallon heat pump water heaters. Read more.


A+ Efficiency at Parkway School District’s South High School

As the largest school and most significant energy consumer in Parkway School District, South High School was a prime candidate for efficiency upgrades. Parkway installed a central geothermal plant, building envelope sealing and LED lighting, along with a 75 kW solar array to achieve more than 2.8 million kWh in combined energy savings. Read more.


Sparkfund’s Efficiency-as-a-Service Financing Enables Technology Upgrades for Assisted Living Provider

Sparkfund’s innovative financing platform enables energy market providers to offer organizations subscriptions to heating, cooling, lighting, and resiliency. Through this technology subscription, Affinity Living Group was able to implement indoor and outdoor lighting upgrades across 16 locations without diverting resources away from residents. Read more.


City of Denver Improved Energy Efficiency at Richard T. Castro Building

As one of the City of Denver’s largest buildings and housing hundreds of employees, the Richard T. Castro Building was considered a top candidate for energy efficiency improvements. The City implemented a broad array of efficiency upgrades, resulting in energy reductions of 36% at the Castro Building and 50% at the garage. Read more.



Quad Locks In Energy Management with 50001 Ready

DOE’s 50001 Ready program helps organizations improve energy efficiency through the adoption of an energy management system that helps align energy management practices across multiple facilities. Building upon its success with 50001 Ready, global marketing solutions provider Quad was able to lock in improvements and  implement ISO 50001 principles into its efforts. Read more.


MGM Resorts’ Efficiency Education App Enables Sustainable Behavior Change

MGM Resorts International’s sustainability and operating staff have long focused on retrofitting and upgrading building equipment, but recognized the opportunity to drive sustainable behavioral change throughout their employee base. In response, MGM designed a web and mobile tool encouraging employees to act sustainably, influencing more than 12,000 employees and leading to more than 700,000 actions taken. Read more.