Legrand’s Energy Marathon Nets Savings, Instills Long-Term Best Practices

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Dec 13, 2019

This fall, Better Plants Challenge partner Legrand kicked off its Energy Marathon 3.0, a company-wide initiative to reduce energy usage and increase efficiency. Keeping to the 26.2-mile marathon theme, the event spanned 26.2 days – October 3-29, 2019. Participating Legrand sites were challenged with finding new and creative solutions to save energy and demonstrate the impact of employee engagement.

Legrand held its first energy marathon in 2014 and a second in 2016. With the success of these events, Legrand has been able to save over 1.3 million kilowatt hours (kWh) and $126,000 in energy costs.

Energy Marathon 3.0 brought a new twist. This year, 26 Legrand sites across the U.S. worked in pairs to build relationships and share best practices. To allow for accurate comparison, pairs were determined based on 2018 kWh usage as well as facility type: manufacturing, warehouse, or office space. Sites competed within their building category to see which team could reduce the most energy over a September 2018 baseline.

To maintain engagement and avoid event fatigue for the third Energy Marathon, Legrand incorporated a series of weekly competitions to educate employees on its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, offering prizes for employees who developed sustainable habits like carpooling to work, having zero-waste lunches, and creating water awareness signage.

Energy reduction progress was monitored through regular meter readings at each facility. At the end of Energy Marathon 3.0, Legrand saved 576,399 kWh and almost $60,000 in energy costs. In 26 days, Legrand reduced its energy consumption at participating sites by 14%.

Legrand has encouraged its sites to sustain their reduction practices beyond the marathon, and hopes employees will continue to build a workplace culture of energy efficiency improvement. The top teams in each building category are competing through December 2019 to be named the ultimate Energy Marathon 3.0 Champions.

View Legrand’s Solution-at-a-Glance and download their Energy Marathon Toolkit here; it provides a step-by-step process to help others interested in developing, organizing, and communicating their own Energy Marathons.

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