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LA Unified School District Showcase: Santee Education Complex

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Mar 28, 2019

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) took visitors on a tour to see firsthand the improvements made at the Santee Educational Complex—one of the district’s showcase projects. Maria T. Vargas, Director of DOE’s Better Buildings Initiative, toured the complex alongside LAUSD staff, students, and media.  

LAUSD opened the 338,000-square-foot Santee Education Complex in July 2005 as the first new 4-year high school for the school district in more than 35 years. Despite it being a relatively new facility, LAUSD expects to achieve 30% annual energy savings thanks to its upgrade efforts that take advantage of new technologies and improved energy management systems. Attendees had the opportunity to tour the complex’s classrooms, library, gymnasium, offices, and auditorium building to see the new energy efficiency features.

Read more about the Santee Education Complex and LAUSD’s commitment to energy efficiency in its Showcase Project on the Better Buildings Solution Center.

Check out photos from the event below! From left to right: 

1. Tour attendees in the Santee Education Complex library.

2. Entering the Santee Education Complex. LAUSD reports the use of high-performance features, such as lighting upgrades and thermal comfort improvement, make this an ideal place for learning and interaction among students, teachers, and campus staff.

3. From left to right: Christos Chrysiliou, Director Architectural & Engineering Services at LAUSD, Mark Hovatter, Chief Facilities Executive at LAUSD, Maria T. Vargas, Director of the Better Buildings Challenge, Mónica García, Board President at LAUSD, and Susana Anseley-Gutierrez Principal of Santee Education Complex.

4. Maria Vargas speaks with community news station KLCS.