K-12 Schools Charging towards Clean Energy Goals

With over 25 school districts signed up for the Better Buildings Challenge, covering 15,000 buildings and over 225 million square feet, our partners have taken on and overcome various barriers to advancing clean energy goals. K-12 School Districts across the country continue to face student population growth, aging infrastructure, rising energy costs, reduced annual operating budgets, and increased plug load demands in the classroom.

Energy efficiency provides potential to return savings back to educating students while establishing safe, healthy, and productive environments for learning. Our K-12 Partners are pioneering innovative methodologies to make operations and maintenance a priority through energy efficiency.

With the New Year ahead, our K-12 partners are committed to sharing their practical and ready to replicate barrier smashing solutions to help other districts start down the road to energy efficiency. Now available as a new toolkit on the Better Buildings Solution Center, these solutions include practices, programs, and policies that help advance clean energy goals and build energy literacy in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) curricula.

Solution topics span from efficient plug load processes, establishing an energy management or resource conservation program, launching a comprehensive maintenance plan, guidelines for building operating standards, Performance Based Energy Incentive Award Programs, and much more.

Check out the toolkit featuring all the energy management solutions from our K-12 partners here.