July Top 10 Solutions

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Jul 01, 2018

The Top 10 Solutions feature our 10 most-viewed solutions from the past 30 days. This month we’re highlighting a guitar manufacturer, the City of Los Angeles, parking lot lighting solutions, and more! The latest Top 10 contains some great insights on tools and best practices for energy efficiency. Check it out!

1. Commercial PACE Financing for Resiliency

Commercial property assessed clean energy (CPACE) financing can be used to fund resiliency improvements that make buildings more resistant to natural disasters and other threats. CPACE policies and programs are becoming more widespread across the United States, making it easier for more customers to access CPACE financing. This toolkit provides the necessary information for building owners, operators, and occupants that may want to take advantage of CPACE financing to improve resiliency in their facilities. Read more

2. Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) Toolkit

The ESPC Toolkit is a collection of resources that enable state and local communities to benefit from the experience of partners who have successfully established and implemented performance contracting.  It includes the best practices and innovative approaches that states, cities, and K-12 schools have used. Users can easily find the information they need at each stage of their ESPC decision-making process. Read more

3. City of Boston: Energy Data Optimization - Dashboards, Utility Bill Verification, and Open Data

The City of Boston pays bills for nearly 4,000 utility accounts across more than a dozen different municipal departments. With so many accounts across a wide range of city departments, it was difficult to verify the accuracy of charges. To improve the city’s energy management process, Boston implemented a programmatic overhaul to energy data collection, analysis, and reporting. This change saved the city $1.2M in recovered funds from utility billing errors and improved transparency and accountability through an open data portal. Read more

4. City of Chula Vista: FREE Resources and Energy Business Evaluation (FREBE)

The City of Chula Vista, California developed the FREE Resource & Energy Business Evaluation (FREBE) Program to encourage and assist local businesses in improving their energy and water efficiency. FREBE requires businesses to undergo free energy and water evaluations of their premises when they receive their business license, and every 3-5 years thereafter; then program staff help identify opportunities for energy and water improvements that the businesses can implement at their discretion. Read more

5. Los Angeles Aqueduct Filtration Plant Modernization - Oxygen Plant Replacement

Upgrades to the Los Angeles Aqueduct Filtration Plant (LAAFP) are part of an ongoing modernization plan for the City of Los Angeles’ 32-year-old aqueduct filtration system. The project, scheduled for completion in 2018, involves replacing the existing cryogenic oxygen plant with a pressure swing adsorption plant resulted in a reduction of energy usage by 28%. By integrating energy efficiency into the capital improvement program, projects like this provide lasting savings in operating costs for the city. Read more

6. High-Efficiency RTU Replacement

This toolkit contains resources to help HVAC contractors and service companies work with their customers through a step-by-step method of evaluating and managing their inventory of rooftop units (RTUs), and how to make the business case for high-efficiency replacements. From an incentives database to a comparison calculator, the toolkit provides everything needed to make an informed decision regarding RTU replacements. Read more

7. Orlando's Amway Center

The Amway Center, home to the Orlando Magic and Orlando Solar Bears, was the first NBA facility in the country to earn a LEED Gold certification for new construction. Recent innovations in interior and sports LED lighting technology created an opportunity to further decrease the environmental impact of facility operations. Amway Center is being renovated as part of the City of Orlando’s Greenworks Program, via funding from a municipal bond. LED lighting retrofits to both court and back of house lighting plus comprehensive HVAC upgrades are further reducing energy use at the arena. Read more

8. Martin Guitar: Retrofitted HVAC System at Nazareth, PA Facility

Martin Guitar is one of the oldest acoustic instrument producers in the world, and they understand the need to combine new technology with their Old World craftsmanship. After deciding that the utility costs associated with HVAC at their Nazareth, Pennsylvania facility had become unsustainable, the senior management team took steps towards retrofitting the aging system. The retrofitted HVAC system has not only led to significant cost savings but has helped Martin Guitar employees see energy as an area that can be continuously improved, as opposed to a fixed cost. Read more

9. Sol Systems: Power Purchase Agreement for the D.C. Department of General Services

In 2015, the D.C. Department of General Services sought to develop one of the largest municipal portfolios of onsite solar energy projects in the United States. Sol Systems, a solar finance and development firm, was engaged to implement these projects using a power purchase agreement. The completed portfolio, which created 140 jobs during installation, is expected to save $25 million in taxpayer dollars over its lifetime. Read more

10. Upgrade Your Parking to High-Efficiency Lighting Solutions

High-performance energy efficiency lighting systems can last 2 to 5 times longer than traditional outdoor lights and pay for themselves quickly by cutting energy costs up to 70% and maintenance costs up to 90%. This toolkit provides case studies, specifications, solutions, and more – bringing together the key resources you need to upgrade your parking lot lighting systems. Read more