Johnson Controls Achieves Better Buildings, Better Plants Challenge Goal for Improved Energy Efficiency

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Jun 07, 2017

On May 16, the Energy Department recognized Johnson Controls as a goal achiever in the Better Buildings, Better Plants Challenge, exceeding its goal of 25 percent energy savings over the course of seven years.

Johnson Controls, a global multi-industrial company with established core businesses in the building technology and energy storage industries, established a company-wide Energy Hunt program as part of the Johnson Controls Manufacturing System across 79 facilities covering 16 million-square-feet. The Energy Hunt program is focused on five energy management best practices including compressed air, HVAC systems, lighting, energy cost management and employee engagement.  Energy Champions in each plant lead a cross-functional team in continuous improvement activities that result in annual energy intensity improvements.  Implementation of the Energy Hunt program resulted in a threefold increase in identified energy savings projects and helped the company meet its Better Plants Challenge goal. 

The energy hunt program has yielded significant benefits for Johnson Controls. Almost half of the company’s manufacturing plants have improved their energy intensity by over 10 percent since 2009, and 26 manufacturing facilities have surpassed the 25 percent energy intensity threshold. Another 46 facilities have improved at a rate of less than 2.5 percent per-year on average, and these facilities may be the focus of future energy management initiatives.

Based on the success of the Energy Hunt program, Johnson Controls launched a pilot supplier efficiency program which includes company experts visiting the plants of small- and medium-sized suppliers and training their in-house teams on low-cost/no-cost energy efficiency best practices. Energy hunts performed at supplier facilities have resulted in average energy savings in the range of 5-10 percent from low-cost/no-cost measures.  Details of the supplier efficiency program are documented in the company’s industrial Implementation Model.

The supplier efficiency program is an effective way for Johnson Controls to expand the impact of its energy management experience across its supply base, improving the economic and environmental performance of its suppliers. To learn more, please visit the Better Buildings Solutions Center.