Jessica Granderson Receives Clean Energy Empowerment Research Award

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Nov 24, 2015

We are excited to announce that the Better Buildings Alliance's very own, Dr. Jessica Granderson, the Energy Management Information Systems technology team lead, and Research Scientist and the Deputy of Research Programs for the Building Technology and Urban Systems Division at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is a 2015 recipient of a Clean Energy Empowerment Research Award.  

Andy Mitchell, who works closely with Better Buildings Alliance partners at the U.S. Department of Energy has found the expertise that Jessica offers partners to be enriching, thoughtful, and extremely anticipatory. He explains that it's as if she knows in advance the questions facility owners and managers have when it comes to the new technologies around EMIS. To top it off, Jessica excels in her ability to create resources that address opportunities for energy savings via EMIS, and in a way that translates both technical and academic language of engineering R&D into useable content that is actionable for Better Buildings partners.

Join us in congratulating her for leadership in conducting cutting-edge research on building controls, automation, and analytics, and providing technical expertise and knowledge transfer to advance the energy management initiatives of the nation’s largest enterprises, national accounts, and public sector entities.

Read more on Jessica's achievements here.