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January Top Partner Solutions

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Jan 03, 2024
January Top Partner Solutions

Check out the January Top Partner Solutions! This roundup includes proven pathways and strategies for decarbonization, energy and water efficiency, employee engagement, and more to showcase how partners across sectors are overcoming barriers and progressing toward their goals. Dive in and find out how your organization could follow suit. 


Stevens Institute of Technology logo

Stevens Institute of Technology Greens Campus with Green Bond

Stevens Institute of Technology leveraged a green bond to secure funding for efficiency upgrades. Stevens will use the $174,315,000 green bond to finance the largest construction project in its history: two new student housing towers and a university center, all designed to achieve LEED Silver certification. Read more.



Better Climate Challenge Road ShowBetter Climate Challenge Road Show Season Two: Cleveland Clinic

The healthcare industry presents interesting challenges for carbon reduction, but Cleveland Clinic’s motto is that healthcare and decarbonization are intertwined. DOE energy experts headed to Cleveland Clinic to see its campus-wide innovations to reduce emissions. Learn how the organization is implementing changes to operating rooms, labs, and teaching programs to cement itself as a leader in decarbonization. Watch the episode.



MGM Resorts International logoMGM Resorts International’s Mega Solar Array Delivers Mega Energy Savings and Carbon Reduction

MGM Resorts International (MGM Resorts) made significant headway on its emissions-based goals by installing a 100-megawatt solar array. The solar installation has significantly contributed to a 41% emissions reduction spanning 13 Las Vegas properties and produces 40% of total energy use for MGM Resorts in Las Vegas. Read more.



Flowers Foods logoFlowers Foods’ Bakery Conversion Serves Up Tasty – and Efficient - Treats

To meet increasing demand, Flowers Foods converted a 40-year old bakery into a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient, sustainable bakery. Flowers’ engineering team incorporated many energy and water efficiency technologies into the bakery’s design, including heat recovery, electric blowers in lieu of compressed air, a new variable frequency drive (VFD) air compressor, and more. In the first five months of operation, the improvements resulted in more than 22% energy savings and 64% water savings. Read more. 



State of Maryland SealState of Maryland’s Western Maryland Railway Station Goes Full Steam Ahead on Comprehensive Efficiency Upgrades

Built in 1912, the Western Maryland Railway Station is a historical facility that has undergone various transformations and houses offices, a museum, and small retail shops. Despite the unique challenges that come with updating a historical building, the State of Maryland performed a comprehensive building upgrade resulting in 21% annual energy savings. Read more. 



Hawaiian Airlines logoThe Sky is the Limit with Hawaiian Airlines’ Employee Engagement Program

Hawaiian Airlines took its COVID-19 return-to-work plan as an opportunity to engage employees on best practices in energy efficiency, showing how each individual can make an impact. The airline has offered multiple employee engagement and awareness activities, including an aircraft building contest and an office energy-saving tips video. Read more.



Bullitt County Schools LogoBullitt County Public Schools Implements Energy Management Program and District Energy Plan

Bullitt County Public Schools developed a district-wide energy plan to identify and implement cost-saving measures in response to rising energy costs and aging buildings, engaging staff and students along the way. As of 2019, the district has achieved almost $7.6 million in energy and operational cost savings and an energy use intensity (EUI) reduction of 21%. Read more. 



Cambridge Housing Authority logoCambridge Housing Authority Modernizes its Frank J. Manning Apartments Building

Built in 1976 when electricity costs were low and concrete exteriors were popular, the Frank J. Manning Apartments building was in dire need of efficiency upgrades. Cambridge Housing Authority installed LED lighting, a CHP cogeneration system, and more. As a result, the building’s ENERGY STAR Score increased from 1 to 95, and emissions were reduced by more than 1,600 metric tons. Read more.



Sheetz logoGreen Building Technologies at Sheetz Herndon, VA Store

Sheetz, Inc. is constructing a new facility, designed to be LEED certified and the most energy-efficient building in its portfolio. The company is implementing a holistic sustainability approach to achieve this goal, including green energy, lighting, and water technologies. Read more. 



Redaptive logoRedaptive’s Net-Neutral Renewable Energy and Efficiency Project

Energy-as-a-Service provider Redaptive partnered with the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) to provide flexible capital solutions for the Institute’s large-scale, net-neutral renewables and energy efficiency project. Through Redaptive’s efficiency upgrades, the IAS expects to reduce the campus’ annual energy use by more than 2.8 million kWh and 226,000 therms – equivalent to 3,200 metric tons of CO2 emissions. Read more.



King County logoEnergy Savings Take Flight at King County Airport Terminal

One of the oldest airport terminals in the country, King County International Airport/Boeing Field’s main terminal received a deep energy retrofit focused on replacing mechanical and lighting systems with state-of-the-art efficiency technologies. Through this project, the terminal saw 60% energy savings, improved traveler comfort, and reduced maintenance. Read more.