ICYMI: The K-12 Lighting Toolkit

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Mar 29, 2019

For K-12 schools in the US, energy bills represent the second highest operating expense behind salaries. By optimizing lighting systems (equipment and operations), schools can unlock lighting energy savings of up to 50%. That’s a lot of savings from one system! There are many opportunities to upgrade lighting-- from LED retrofits, to tunable classroom lighting to adaptive controls for parking lots.

DOE’s the K-12 Lighting Toolkit, covers a wide range of K-12 specific technical implementation details, as well as case studies and specifications. With more than 40 resources, the toolkit features something for almost every kind of lighting project in a K-12 school, as well as some applicable examples from higher education. The toolkit brings together Better Buildings Lighting Specifications with ASHRAE Design Guides and case studies from the Solid State Lighting program to align real-world examples of success with the expertise and best practices that can help make it possible. Take some time to explore the K-12 Lighting Toolkit – you may learn something new!