Home Energy Score’s October Promotion Goes Viral with the Support of Program Partners in Wisconsin and Oregon

This October, the Energy Department’s Home Energy Score team, along with many of their partnering organizations, have been celebrating Energy Action Month. These organizations (including state energy offices, non-profits, and utilities) recognize that the Home Energy Score is an effective way to communicate a home’s energy use. It’s also a valuable way to encourage the general public to participate in energy efficiency programs.

Designed for single-family residences; and available to both homeowners and renters, each Home Energy Score is generated during an in-house visit by a trained energy efficiency expert. The package includes an energy efficiency rating on a 1-to-10 scale, facts about the home’s energy systems, and recommendations for cost-effective improvements.  

Partners use the Score to help deliver reliable energy information to residences in their communities. October is particularly special, because many of these partnering organizations use Energy Action Month as a way to actively seek out opportunities to raise awareness about energy consumption and to encourage energy-saving actions.   

In support of Energy Action Month, the Home Energy Score team released a set of public outreach materials that have been embraced by many of their Partners. These materials are available through the program’s partner-only website. They include a package of materials, including a logo that features a simple, and direct message: Know your home. Know your Score.  The underlying message is that you can understand why your home is functioning as it does and how to make it better with a Home Energy Score. Some of the Partners have even made these materials their own, by incorporating local/region-specific information.  

Focus on Energy, a Partner in Wisconsin, created flyers that include the Home Energy Score messaging, specific instructions on how to get a Score, and how it compares to their other programs. Focus on Energy also created flyers to recruit qualified professionals to offer the Home Energy Score.

Another Partner, the Oregon Department of Energy, is reaching constituents with a conversational-style podcast. The Grounded podcast covers a range of energy-related topics Oregon, and one of the first episodes is dedicated to the Home Energy Score. It covers the differences between several home energy labels and the importance of energy efficiency disclosure during real estate transactions. It also explores the stakeholder engagement process that led to the creation of a Home Energy Score requirement at point of sale in Portland, Oregon. Tuning into a conversation about energy efficiency and Home Energy Score is a great way for potential home buyers to understand how the Score can help them make informed decisions.

In many regions around the U.S., October is typically a pivotal time weather-wise because temperatures start to drop. As this cooler weather approaches, those who live single-family homes, including home owners and renters, start to notice that their residences are not as warm as they could be. The Home Energy Score team and their Partners recognize that this is great time to connect with these audiences, and help them better understand their home's energy use and even explore the possibility of pursuing efficiency improvements before winter sets in. The Home Energy Score team is excited to see how their other Partners continue to get the word out about their program and encourage homeowners to take action and improve the energy efficiency of their homes. It’s a simple message and easy to implement: Know your home. Know your Score. 

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