Hilton Worldwide is First Hospitality Company Certified under Superior Energy Performance Designation

By Andy Mitchell on Dec 21, 2015

Sometimes the greatest energy efficiency tool goes beyond the latest and most efficient technologies. That case is true with Hilton Worldwide, and the company's recent certification under the U.S. Department of Energy's Superior Energy Performance (SEP) program. Yesterday, Hilton Worldwide announced that three of its hotels had qualified for the SEP designation and that it is the first hospitality (and commercial sector) company to do so. Read Hilton’s full SEP announcement here.

SEP is a global certification, that builds on ISO 50001. The facilities in SEP have met ISO 50001 (the global standard for energy management based on continual improvement) and have improved their energy performance by up to 30% over three years. Until now, SEP had only been available to manufacturers as an energy savings tactic, but is now availble to all commercial sector companies that are leading the way in energy management and productivity improvement.

Hilton Worldwide's three certified hotels are located in Washington D.C., Waikiki, Hawaii, and San Francisco, CA.

  • Washington Hilton (site of the 2016 Better Buildings Summit): SEP Platinum Certified (15.85 percent verified reduction from 2011 baseline);
  • Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort: SEP Silver Certified (8.4 percent verified reduction from 2011 baseline); and
  • Hilton Union Square San Francisco: SEP Silver Certified (6.3 percent verified reduction from 2011 baseline).

The savings at each of these properties will also contribute to the company’s partnership with DOE through the Better Buildings Challenge. As Hilton works to meet a 20 percent, portfolio-wide energy savings goal in ten years across 90 million square feet of properties, the department will feature its solutions and progress in the Better Buildings Solution Center. Already Hilton has  achieved 4 percent energy savings in 240 buildings.

  • Take a closer look at the company’s overall energy efficiency efforts through the Better Buildings Challenge here
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