Green Lease Leaders Enters its Third Year

Last week, the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) and the Better Buildings Alliance launched the third annual Green Lease Leaders recognition program. Beginning in 2013, Green Lease Leaders has set the bar for what makes a green or “energy-aligned” lease and put a much needed spotlight on commercial real estate companies and brokers who use the lease as a tool to improve building energy performance. Over 25 landlords and tenant companies as well as six brokers have been recognized for their excellence in executing green leases through the program thus far, representing over 800 million square feet of space on four continents. With support from the Better Buildings Alliance, the program has received national attention and continues to grow every year.

As we enter the 2016 application cycle, we’re excited to introduce two brand new developments for the program:

  • Green Lease Leaders will be honored at the 2016 Building Owners and Manufacturers Association’s (BOMA) International Buildings Conference & Expo in June. Working with BOMA (an association regarded as one of the most trusted voices for landlords in the U.S.) represents a large step for the program—as this partnership will help generate stronger market awareness and acceptance of green leasing practices in the CRE hemisphere.
  • New to this year’s Green Lease Leaders is the Team Transaction award, which will be given to groups of CRE stakeholders who collaborate on a single transaction to incorporate sustainability elements into the operations of a leased space. We recognize that many groups can be involved in a single deal; therefore, we’d like to highlight cases where many organizations find alignment on energy efficiency issues. For more information about this new category, visit

Since the award’s inauguration, IMT and the Better Buildings Alliance have been impressed by the smart and innovative actions firms around the country are taking to make their buildings more energy efficient. The Better Buildings Program has been a tremendous steward for leasing practices that spur energy efficiency in commercial buildings through its support of Green Lease Leaders, and the program would not be where it is today without its efforts. Through the Better Buildings Alliance, Green Lease Leaders acquired a steering committee of renowned commercial real estate experts, providing invaluable guidance in shaping the program’s framework and standards. Additionally, the Better Buildings Summit  provided the perfect platform to introduce the award in 2014 and 2015.

We can’t wait to see what this year’s winners will show us. Stay tuned, we'll profile effective strategies and solutions in the Better Buildings Solution Center.