Geek Out and If you Haven't Already, Binge Watch with the Better Buildings Challenge SWAP

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Feb 24, 2016

As the Better Buildings Challenge has made evident, the energy efficiency community is a unique breed. Sometimes it seems like we’re speaking our own language.

We have our own blogs, our own podcasts and of course our own goals, metrics and rules of the road for how we get there.

And now we have our own reality show. The point of the Better Buildings Challenge SWAP wasn’t for us to showcase yet another ceiling full of T8’s that could be converted to LEDs (although we did do that). It was to inspire energy efficiency managers across the U.S. to open up conversations with other leaders—even if they’re from different sectors, even if they’re competitors.

Those conversations will yield important information—that’s essential if we are serious about reducing the U.S.’s energy usage and climate impact, and reducing energy bills for employers. Going into a big building’s boiler room to uncover efficiencies and tech innovation isn’t always interesting, and it turns out that even energy nerds need to be inspired with captivating content, if we want to continue to take advantage of resources needed to improve our work.

We’ve been floored by the positive reaction to the Better Buildings Challenge SWAP among the universe of energy efficiency journalists, bloggers, podcasters, advocacy organizations, consultants and sustainability managers.

According to Scott Wood at EDF, pictured above hosting a SWAP screening,

Thanks, Scott. How about creating a Must-see TV for EE YouTube channel?

Maria! There’s a whole world out there for nerds like us. Be sure to check out the technical videos!

Nature Energy—yes, you can watch reality TV during work and it still counts as work, although much more fun.

It seems like the favorite moment from the videos was when Randy Gaines at Hilton puts his hand into the crack between Whole Foods’ refrigerator door and says “All that air is just losing itself!”

Do you have a favorite moment or quote? Make sure to take in all the SWAP content and join in on the conversation via social media, just use the hashtag #SWAPPED16.

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