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Establish a Sustainable Funding Cycle with the Green Revolving Funds Toolkit

By Allison Nozza, JDM on Nov 02, 2017

The Beat Blog recently told you about Cleveland Clinic’s new case study on Green Revolving Funds for Healthcare projects. Inspired by the growing interest in this funding mechanism, Better Buildings has compiled this excellent resource, and many others, into the Green Revolving Funds Toolkit.

Green Revolving Funds are an innovative internal financing model that allows organizations—particularly those in higher education and healthcare—to establish long-term funding for energy efficiency projects. Under this model, utility savings from funded projects are reinvested back into the fund to be used for new energy efficiency projects on a recurring basis. Green Revolving Funds can also support the tracking of key energy-saving metrics, which are often used to measure the performance of funds and target reinvestment in future projects.

This toolkit provides cross-sector guidance on establishing Green Revolving Funds, a customizable solution to a common barrier: lack of dedicated funding for sustainable improvements. Guiding resources such as The Billion Dollar Green Challenge’s Implementation Guide provide background and explore the pros and cons. Case studies highlight successful funds, such as Adidas Group’s Implementation Model describing how their greenENERGY Fund invested $5.5 million in 49 projects between 2012 and 2015. Check out these and various other case studies, webinars, presentations, and resources that highlight successful funds in the Retail, Higher Ed, Healthcare, and Public sectors.

Interested exploring more funding options? Check out the Better Buildings Financing Navigator to explore the pros and cons of multiple third-party finance options in the market and find which suits your project best. Connect and discuss your project with Financial Allies offering diverse types of funding.