Energy Efficiency is Beautiful! L'Oréal USA Joins Better Plants with Aggressive Energy Efficiency Commitment

The Department of Energy welcomed L'Oréal USA to the Better Buildings, Better Plants Program (Better Plants) and it is a beautiful partnership. As the nation’s largest cosmetics manufacturer, L'Oréal is pledging to cut energy intensity by 25% across its five manufacturing plants in joining the Better Plants program. As the first pure-play beauty company to join Better Plants, L'Oréal reminds us that manufacturers of all stripes benefit from energy efficiency. We look forward to partnering with them and supporting their energy program with expert technical assistance and national recognition.

L'Oréal USA is joining more than 170 partners in Better Plants. The company’s participation comes at the heels of a banner year for the program. In 2015, we added over 20 new partners, including a dozen water and wastewater treatment agencies as we expanded into that sector for the first time. We continue to develop new initiatives to support supply chain energy efficiency and water-reduction goals. With DOE’s help, three of our longstanding partners have recruited more than 20 of their key suppliers to Better Plants. Eight of our manufacturing partners have set water savings goals to accompany their energy targets – a number we hope to grow in the coming months.

Better Plants’ newest partner has already launched a number of important energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives under a global sustainability strategy, Sharing Beauty with All. The company has committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and water consumption (per finished product) by 60% by 2020 from a 2005 baseline and is close to meeting both targets. New company facilities undergo LEED certification and utilize LED lighting and on-site renewable energy. The company’s plant in North Little Rock, Arkansas, also recently installed two new high efficiency gas boilers that greatly reduce heat losses. Almost all of L'Oréal USA’s facilities are certified with ISO 14001 standards, with plans to begin implementing ISO 50001 at these sites as well. L’Oreal will be able to benefit from the tools and resources DOE has developed to support manufacturers as they establish energy management systems consistent with ISO 50001 and our Superior Energy Performance® Program.

Together with DOE, the 170-plus partners in Better Plants are demonstrating the beauty of energy efficiency: it improves the environment while helping businesses grow. We welcome L’Oreal’s participation in this important initiative and look forward to working with them.