DOE Highlights K-12 Sustainability at 2018 Green Schools Conference and Expo

Three Better Buildings Challenge (BBC) K-12 school partners participated in a panel at the Green Schools Conference and Expo on May 4 in Denver. The panel, entitled “Benchmarking for Books: How Schools Save Money through Benchmarking” featured presentations by the Los Angeles Unified School District, Portland Public Schools and Aurora Public Schools. The panel was moderated by Crystal McDonald, DOE BBC K-12 schools lead, who highlighted the benefits of benchmarking, shared success stories of districts in the Challenge, and provided an overview of tools and resources.  

Christos Chrysiliou, Director of Architectural & Engineering Services with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), presented the “Roadmap to a Resilient District” which featured the LAUSD's Sustainability Initiatives Unit including water and energy conservation, campus ecology, emerging technologies, high performance schools, and awareness and outreach.

Speaking on the topic of “Benchmarking as the Foundation for Sustainable Energy-Efficient Projects,” Aaron Presberg, Energy Program Manager at Portland Public Schools (PPS), provided an overview of the district’s portfolio. Mr. Presberg highlighted state and local benchmarking legislation and the impacts of benchmarking on PPS’ energy consumption and costs.

In “Building Blocks: Beyond Benchmarking,” Craig Wright, Natural and Renewable Resources Manager with Aurora Public Schools (APS), shared the district’s four steps to environmental stewardship which includes badging, benchmarking, analytics, and blockchain. APS created a credentialing incentive program to measure and evaluate community participation in its sustainability program. He also explained how the district uses its benchmarking and analytic tools to compare data across its portfolio.

Please click here to view the presentation slides from the conference. More information on the Better Buildings Challenge is available on the Better Buildings Solutions Center and the BBC K-12 Schools Sector page.