DOE Better Buildings Recognizes Loews Vanderbilt Hotel for Energy Efficiency Improvements

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Aug 10, 2017

This summer, representatives from the City of Nashville and the Department of Energy traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to honor Loews Hotels & Co. for its energy-efficient upgrades and retrofits at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel.

Since 2015, the Vanderbilt hotel has improved its energy efficiency by 22 percent and achieved a total energy cost savings of $328,250 through upgrades to lighting, HVAC systems, guestrooms, and building envelope.

Loews Hotels & Co. showcased its building upgrades and retrofits to an audience of media members, city officials and experts from the Department of Energy. The tour included a stop on the roof to highlight the new building façade. The original roof system prior to the hotel’s valve replacement had an insulation effectiveness below 9 percent. Today, Loews Vanderbilt Hotel’s roof performs at 21 percent insulation effectiveness, which exceeds energy code by 15 percent.

The second stop of the building tour included a hotel guestroom, where Loews demonstrated the upgrades to the water fixtures in the bathrooms. Loews installed the following high efficiency fixtures to reduce consumption while maintaining or improving the guest experience:

  • New showerheads that save 30 gallons per guest
  • New toilets save 2.8 gallons per guest
  • New sink aerators save 2 gallons per guest

These upgrades contributed to Loews Vanderbilt Hotel saving an average of 35 gallons of water per guest per day in 2015.

In addition to facility upgrades, Loews recognizes leadership among its engineering managers in every hotel nationwide. The Gold Wrench Award incentivizes engineers to find energy-saving solutions proactively and contribute to Loews' sustainability goals. The award highlights employees in the engineering department who have gone above and beyond performance standards. 

Loews Hotels & Co.’s efforts at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel were recognized beyond the DOE, as a wide array of media covered the hotel’s recognition: