Digital Realty Facility Achieves Energy Use Improvements In Partnership With Data Center Customer

By Jess Swaringen on Jan 11, 2016

Better Buildings Challenge partner Digital Realty Trust Inc., a data center solutions and services provider based in San Francisco, CA recently earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR certification for its facility in Lithia Springs, Georgia.  The certification acknowledges that this complex operates in the top quartile of data centers nationwide in terms of energy efficiency, and contributes 35% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than similar non-certified facilities within the United States.

Digital Realty earned the ENERGY STAR distinction by employing a combination of retrofit projects and best energy practices, including the installation of modulating electronically commutated fan motors on critical air conditioners, the use of variable speed pumping, and raised supply air set points to improve cooling efficiency.  The company collaborated with the Lithia Springs data center’s primary customer, to implement these energy management efforts, and plans to look for similar partnership opportunities with customers at its other facilities.

As a Better Buildings Challenge partner, Digital Realty is committed to reducing the energy intensity of its entire portfolio of data centers by 20% over a 10 year period ending in 2024. Digital Realty has already achieved 6 percent energy savings compared to a 2013 baseline.  With plans to continually invest in efficiency improvements across its 24 Megawatt nationwide Better Buildings portfolio, Digital Realty will be completing more efficiency upgrades in the coming years. Stay tuned to Digital Realty’s progress as they share their proven solutions and results in the Better Buildings Solution Center.