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Decarbonization Download: 5 Qs with Zebra Technologies

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Nov 17, 2021

Put your industrial facility on the right path toward carbon reduction with three tips from Mani Balakrishnan of Zebra Technologies. Carve out 6 minutes to watch his conversation with Kelly Speakes-Backman, Acting Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, and hear how science-based targets and climate risk assessments can help your organization and supply chain cut carbon emissions now.


Read the full transcript of the uncut interview here.

Decarbonization is central to efficient operations and robust financial performance. Through the Better Climate Challenge and the Better Buildings Low Carbon Pilot, DOE is working with market leaders to demonstrate real-world successes in achieving low and no carbon emissions from building and manufacturing operations.


Decarbonization Download Homepage: Click to learn more about the video series and watch more episodes. Better Climate Challenge: DOE is challenging organizations to set portfolio-wide GHG emission reduction goals - click here to learn more. Subscribe: Click here to stay connected and informed on the latest decarbonization news and more.